All natural, vegan & herbal CHAKRA SOAP!

Our range of all natural, organic and vegan herbal soap includes beautiful CHAKRA SOAPS! Each soap is imprinted with a chakra symbol and is made from organic herbs  & essential oils that energetically correspond to that chakra. Only  pure plant materials are added for color & scents, nothing artificial or synthetic. LIVITY HERBAL soaps are made from pure organic coconut … Continue reading

Some of our Vegan hand rolled incense cones!

Some of our Vegan hand rolled incense cones!

Unlike most incense you find out there which often is bamboo dipped in synthetic fragrance oils & imported or mass produced, LIVITY HERBAL vegan incense cones are hand crafted in the US from pure plant materials and essential oils, using natural ingredients that are wildcrafted and sustainably sourced whenever possible. Our hand rolled incense cones are infused with healing … Continue reading


We produce and sell vegan and herbal incense,  bath & body care products.  LIVITY HERBAL offers vegan and herbal incense, soaps, salves, spa & massage therapy products. Each batch is hand made with healing intent from the purest, natural,  plant-based ingredients, wildcrafted whenever possible, and sourced locally and globally to provide you with Mother Nature’s therapeutic benefits. We are … Continue reading